Jul 24

3 Top Debt Collection Techniques That Can Improve Cash Flow To Your Business

04Effective debt collection techniques are a necessity for businesses in any economic climate. Knowing how to encourage your customers to pay their outstanding debts to you on time can increase your cash flow. After all, your business has its own debts to pay. Without adequate cash flow, you could be risking falling behind with your own bills, which could lead to problems with suppliers or loss of easy credit terms with your bank or lender.

Mastering these debt collection techniques often spells the difference between barely staying afloat, or thriving in your business.

Here are 3 important debt collection techniques that will improve cash flow in your business:

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Jul 16

Bad Credit Card Debt – How Is The Whole Economy Affected By Bankruptcy?

05Bad credit card debt has infected the Federal economy like a viral breakout. Unfortunately, it became a major cause and at the same time, also an outcome of the recession. It is therefore, necessary to get rid of the same. Unfortunately, people fell back on the method of bankruptcy to get out of the debts that they have. This triggered off a series of negative impacts on the whole economy. The wave of sufferings started with the consumers and the impacts reverted back once again to the consumers. In this cyclical movement, the creditors and the Federal government were also affected which caused the whole economy to tumble down like a castle of cards.

An investigation on the consumer sufferings:

When the consumers filed for bankruptcy the first notable positive thing that came out was that the consumers actually eliminated the whole of the unsecured debt that they had. However, the sad part was that this was the only positive thing. The negatives are actually much more than expected. They are mentioned below:

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Jul 07

What To Do When You Are Desperate For Money

06Are You Desperate For Money? It’s no surprise that in today’s economy, more people than ever are feeling “I am desperate for money”.  With jobs, home, income, and the stock market all on shaky ground, the desperate need for money is being heard loud and clear.

If you are in this situation, there are some important things to remember.

First of all, don’t panic. it’s actually much easier than you think to turn around your money woes and create something that will provide a stable, secure income for you and your family.

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Jul 01

A Debt Collection Phone Call – The Power of Urgency

07The first 30 seconds of a collection call are the most important. Initially you must establish that you know what you’re doing, you’re professional and that it’s not your first day on the job. Short and sweet and to the point is usually best. Be articulate but not overly verbose, especially if you’re not used to using certain verbiage. The person on the other end of the phone is typically seasoned in determining who means business and who does not.

Now to the point of urgency.

Good Example: Hello my name is Mr. Jones with ABC Firm- put ted on the phone, it is imperative I speak to him immediately. My firm has been retained versus your organization and I must report back to my client today. I cannot divulge the nature of my call to you as it is a violation of state and federal law in doing so unless if you’re not an officer of the company.

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Jun 25

Creating a Stable Financial Future

08Searching for a New Year’s resolution that will stick this year? Consider one that probably isn’t on anyone’s Top 10 list but will go a long way to reduce stress and provide some peace of mind: life insurance.

A recent study found that forty-three per cent of respondents believe it would take less than six months to feel the financial impact of the death of the family’s primary breadwinner. Life insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect your family’s future. Unlike resolutions to save money or lose weight, you won’t have to drastically change your lifestyle or habits to achieve results. And once you have life insurance in place, it’s done; there will be no broken promises to make up for next year.

Here are three facts you need to know about today’s life insurance products that will help your planning:

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